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Cannabis is an exploding industry and with State and Federal rules clashing, where do you turn to make sure your accounting and financial statements are in order so you can maximize your legal deductions? or obtain investment capital?

Because of this exploding growth, because of the clashing rules between State and Federal governments, Amazon Bookkeeping has dedicated our professional expertise to Cannabis Accounting.

When you work with Amazon Bookkeeping you'll bring "WORLD-CLASS VIP VALUE" to your organization.

We Offer:

  • Data Entry of Expenses and Deposits.
  • Professional Onboarding/Cleanup.
  • Proprietary Chart of Accounts for all Cannabis Sub-Industries.
  • Solid Record Keeping (supporting documents attached to each entry).
  • Bookkeeping (Bank/Credit Card Records, Basic Financials Printed).
  • Accountant/CPA review of entry and records.
  • Preparation of Professional/GAAP Financials and Month End Reports.
  • Preparation of Month End CFO Level Tie Out Report.
  • Preparation of 6 Month Rolling Cash Forecast.
  • Other Services such as Payroll, Compliance, Sales and Use Tax, etc.
  • 280e Tax Workpapers (Convert GAAP to 280e/471 ready).
  • Tax Prep, Annual Tax Planning, and Strategic Planning.
  • Perpetual Data Room.
  • Fixed Fee Pricing We grow as you grow.

Benefits of our services include:

  • More Cash Increased margins, better tax planning.
  • More Time and Peace of Mind Less CEO time on financials and worry about compliance.
  • Better Compliance Records and accounting are more robust
  • More Expertise We're part of a network of many CPAs, CFOs, Attorneys, Accountants, and Bookkeepers. ALL Experts in Cannabis!
  • Responsive and Reliable We're available when you need us!



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Please direct all written correspondence to:

Amazon Bookkeeping
PO Box 2765
Corvallis, OR 97339
Phone: (541) 704-7220

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